All the dentists at Bamford Dental Practice can offer treatment under the NHS, Privately or under Denplan.


We provide a full range of NHS treatment (except sedation and orthodontics where appropriate referrals can be made)

Under the NHS you’re entitled to have all clinically necessary treatment. This means that the NHS will provide any treatment that you need to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and free of pain. The NHS will not provide cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, which you may want to make your teeth more attractive but which are not clinically necessary. However you can opt to have these treatments done privately but still remain an NHS patient. If you are receiving any private treatment you will always be provided with a written treatment plan which clearly identifies which treatment is to be provided on a private basis.

NHS Dental charges – depending on the treatment you need to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. You will only ever be asked to pay one charge for each complete course of treatment, even if you need to visit your dentist more than once to finish it.

NHS dental charges from 1 April 2019

  • Band 1 (click here)

    Band 1 course of treatment – £22.70 

    This covers an examination, diagnosis (eg X-rays), advice on how to prevent future problems, a scale and polish if needed, and application of fluoride varnish or fissure sealant.

    If you require urgent care, even if your urgent treatment needs more than one appointment to complete, you will only need to pay one Band 1 charge.

  • Band 2 (click here)

    Band 2 course of treatment – £62.10

    This covers everything listed in Band 1 above, plus any further treatment such as fillings, root canal work or if your dentist needs to take out one or more of your teeth.

  • Band 3 (click here)

    Band 3 course of treatment – £269.30

    This covers everything listed in Bands 1 and 2 above, plus crowns, dentures and bridges.

  • Am I entitled to free NHS dental treatment? (click here)

    You do not have to pay for NHS dental treatment if, when the treatment starts, you are:

    • aged under 18
    • under 19 and receiving full-time education
    • pregnant or have had a baby in the previous 12 months

    You do not have to pay if, during the course of treatment, you or your partner, receive:

    • Income Support
    • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
    • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
    • Pension Credit guarantee credit
    • Universal Credit


    • you are named on a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate or you are entitled to an NHS tax credit exemption certificate
    • you are named on a valid HC2 certificate

    You will be asked to show your dentist written proof that you do not have to pay for all or part of your NHS treatment. You will also be asked to sign a form to confirm that you do not have to pay.


Denplan is the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist. It has over 6,500 member Dentist and around 1.7 million patients across the country as well as serving 1,900 companies with employee benefit schemes.

Denplan supports a preventive approach to private Dental care and the Dental payment plans help to minimise dental problems by advising regular dental visits which encourage the very best oral health advice, up to date dental knowledge and the latest innovative techniques.

At Bamford dental Practice we have 2 payment plans in place;

  • Denplan Care (click here)

    1. Denplan Care

    This is a comprehensive preventive and restorative oral healthcare plan which includes supplementary insurance cover. The fee is dependant on individual patients’ oral health.

    It includes;

    Dental check-ups as clinically necessary, Dental hygiene visits as clinically necessary, Dental x rays, Necessary fillings, Necessary extractions, Periodontal treatment, Preventive dental Advice and Therapy Crowns, dentures and bridge work (excluding lab work) , Root canal treatment.

    Why Choose Denplan Care?

    Denplan Care allows patients to budget for their routine care and restorative needs. It helps to prevent / minimise dental problems and includes world wide dental injury and dental emergency cover

    Denplan Care doesn’t include:Laboratory costs and prescriptions, Referral to a specialist, Treatment carried out at another practice except that covered by worlds wide Supplementary insurance, Sedation, Extraction of wisdom teeth Treatment not clinically necessary

    At Bamford Dental Practice the Denplan care plan fee ranges from between £13.33 to £43.98 per month

  • Denplan Essentials (click here)

    2. Denplan Essentials

    This is a maintenance plan that allows patients to plan for a number of dental check-ups, dental hygiene visits and x rays as well as world wide dental emergency cover.

    There is no need to be dentally fit to join this plan and it encourages regular dental and preventive care.

    At Bamford Dental Practice patients are given 20% discount off the cost of any private dental care need outside this plan.

    The monthly fee for this plan is between £10.27 and £24.80

    For more information about Denplan please contact the reception or visit the Denplan website at

Private treatment

Patients may choose to have all or some of their care done privately. The following treatments can be offered privately at Bamford dental practice

  • Cosmetic treatment to improve or enhance their smile
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Aesthetic all-porcelain crowns, bridges and veneers or tooth coloured fillings on posterior teeth –
  • Complex advanced treatment requested by patient to improve aesthetics and / or function –
  • Private hygienist services
  • Treatment outside the NHS such as sports mouth guards and anti-snoring appliances –
  • Implants to restore missing teeth
  • Private full or partial dentures allowing the dentist to use the most technologically advanced laboratories and aesthetic teeth.

A full treatment plan with estimated costs is always given at the end of each private consultation for the patient’s information and consent.

We will always discuss and plan your treatment with you so that you are fully informed about your treatment choices.