We always welcome new patients to Bamford Dental Practice and we are currently accepting new Private and Denplan patients. There are no distance restrictions when registering with a dental practice and we attract new patients from a very wide area covering all the Hope Valley, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Buxton, Manchester and beyond!

Please click here to find a detailed explanation of our Denplan and private treatment options.

If you would like to book a new patient appointment please telephone or call in to the practice anytime during the day and an appointment can be made for you. We try to see new patients as soon as possible and we do not have a long waiting list for new appointments. Are you experiencing pain and require an emergency dental appointment? Please phone the practice and we might be able to accommodate you sooner or visit the emergency page.

New patients are allocated to a dentist according to the amount of time available in the diary and according to how many new patients that particular dentist has decided to take on in that month. However if you wish to see a particular dentist please ask the receptionist and we will endeavour to comply with your wishes.

We ask that all new patients fill out a medical history form which can be downloaded here or a copy sent to your address. It is important that we are aware of all medication that you are currently taking so please make sure you bring a complete list with you.

What to expect

When you arrive at Bamford Dental Practice you will be greeted by our friendly and welcoming reception staff who will answer any queries you have before going into the surgery.

You will be then called in to the surgery to meet your new dentist and dental nurse. Your dentist will take time discussing any dental problems, or concerns you may have about your teeth including cosmetic treatment. During your first visit you will be given a full dental examination which will include checking the condition of your teeth and gums and all the soft tissues in your mouth. If it is felt necessary dental x-rays may be taken to help with your dental assessment. Once your examination has been completed we will discuss any findings with you and involve you in planning your treatment so you understand what will be done. We will also provide you with a written estimate so you know how much it will cost.

Nervous about your visit?

At Bamford Dental Practice, we understand that many patients are nervous of dental treatment and that there are different reasons for patients’ fears. Our whole team always makes every effort to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you. We listen to the concerns of every patient and discuss all the options available to you. We always clearly explain the procedures and steps involved and ensure you feel at ease and feel free to ask us any questions you may have. You are always in control. We will never carry out any treatment without your consent and during treatment you can put your hand up and we will stop treatment immediately.