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Welcome to Bamford Dental Practice

Bamford Dental Practice is a well-established and respected dental practice which provides a caring valued service for all our patients. Located on the edge of the Peak District we have patients that travel from Sheffield, Chesterfield, Hope Valley, Buxton, Cheshire and beyond.

Our practice has grown through patient recommendation and the majority of our new patients come to us because our care has been recommended to them by friends and family. Our existing patients are our best source of new patient referrals which speaks volumes for the service and care that we provide to our patients.

We are currently accepting new Denplan and Private fee per item patients. Please click here for further information about how you can join our practice. 

We have four experienced and considerate dentists and a hygiene therapist to look after all your dental needs and we pride ourselves in putting all our patients at ease. Together we aim to care for patients in a caring, considerate and professional way paying attention to the quality of care that we give. Meet the team…

Our website is designed to help you explore our practice and to give you any information and advice you may need. Should you feel you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

We realise it is not always easy for everyone to access information about the service we provide. Therefore we aim to provide to provide it in a variety of ways. For further details, please contact us.